Car Seat Protection: A Good Business Idea or a Waste of Time? 

 April 9, 2018

By  Michael Destiny

Car seat protectors are as aged as car seats themselves. And if your small car accessory business doesn’t have them, then you are surely leaving a lot of money on the table. Here is why:

Some car accessories become necessary as families grow. Bachelors want to keep their vehicle uncluttered and therefore, only highly necessary items find their way into their car interior.

But once they are carrying mi lady, you suddenly need things like mirrors, wipes, hot or cold mugs, a purse pouch, and so on.

When they get a baby or a pet, you’ll need even more add-ons to keep them safe and comfortable. These items include the back seat mirrors, the best car seat protectors, portable DVD player, diaper-changing mat, and so on.

To cut to the chase, selling car seat protectors locally can be a lucrative business. Alongside other motor accessories, they can generate you quite a good income every month. But why is this part of a good business idea in the first place? Well, here is why. 

1. Car Owners buy them to keep their Babies Safe

Babies and pets are vulnerable beings because there are some decisions they can’t make regarding their own safety. A car seat mat will keep the dog from falling into the canyon as the vehicle vibrates.

Similarly, a cover for baby car seat holds the child’s seat firmly to the back seat and prevents it from vibrating or coming off when the vehicle jiggles during acceleration, deceleration and so on.

2. People buy them to keep their car tidy

How do you like your pet pooping on auto upholstery and then smudging it on the car seat as it stands stretches and plays about? Or your babies who can’t sip his cups and munch his snack without littering all around him?

A waterproof car seat towel in place would have grabbed all this mess and saved you the need for aggressive vacuum cleaning of your car seats

3. People find them easy to clean

As they grab the dirt, grime and stains meant for the back seat, most car seat protectors are waterproof and therefore one only needs to wipe it and you are good to go.

4. About Additional space

Most of these car seat covers feature side or front pockets where you can fit in baby bottles, formula, toys, diapers, and so on.

Michael Destiny

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