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Academic qualification is no longer the only way to make money.  Digital Workspace have revolutionized that. Now you can make money by working online.

But where MUST you start?

BiasharaTalk will ANSWER your mind-boggling questions like... What to learn. When to start.  Who to ask. Which resources. Where to find jobs. And so much More.

Join me as I share openly my experience on digital workspace.

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August 16, 2022


March 5, 2021


February 24, 2021


About Me.

Hi there,

My name is Mark Njoroge. I am the CEO & Founder of BiasharaTalk. 

My journey with BisharaTalk runs way back in 2016.

I hate to admit this one,

Back then, it was total mess. I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought I was sharing best business insights of all times - helping people start businesses. 

Is that not what we learn from our academic background? Myself a major of Operations Management from many options of Bachelors of Commerce, felt like it was my call - the God sent blessing.

But, I was struggling.

Nothing was straightforward. 

The blog barely made any progress if not a few pennies. 

Not once but many a times a crippling thought of ripping this resource apart cropped my mind. But I kept going. I decided to shift my mindset. I made a resolution to learn everything there is, on and under this earth, on how to make money online the right way.

Yes, it has been tough, but now I have that face of, yeah… Let’s keep going…

What I have discovered in my journey of doing stuff the wrong way vs the right way, is what I will pour in this blog with all love.  

Shall we explore how to make money online together?

They Say

Josiah Mwangi

Blogger, Writer, Serial Onlinepreneur

"Fortunate to have collaborated with Mark. He’s skilled, talented, and knowledgeable. His mentorship is results oriented. Working with him will be a bonus – you won’t regret."

Lucy Wanja

Article Writer

"Mark molded me to be the copywriter I am today. He's crème de la crème visionary mentor I have ever met ."

BiasharaTalk HEXA-X Philosophy For A Successful Digital Lifestyle

In BiasharaTalk, we entertain the idea of HEXA EXPERIENCE (Hexagon). This is because It consists of fundamental blocks for a successful digital career.  In fact, it’s inscribed in the logo - clearly stating we are strong, vibrant, and forward thinking. We are shooting for nothing except success. In a short glance, below are 6 HEXA-X Principles you should embrace for a forthcoming digital lifestyle.

01. Commitment

Develop winning strategies that energizes you to go through without supervision.

02. Consistency

Do that one thing you must do on a daily basis till you develop momentum.

03. Zestful

Build habits that will cultivate your inner energy and enthusiasm.

04. Patience

Be kind to yourself. Learn that one skill day in day out without losing hope till you make it.

05. Respectful

In digital workspace, we prefer being kind to other people, because no man is an Island.

06. Curious

Never stop learning. Explore your talents. Invest in your mind. Seek mentorship.

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