Photoparalysis Effect Explained: From A Nerd To A Pro 

 February 25, 2018

By  Mark Njoroge

You might be wondering, what’s photoparalysis Effect?

If you haven’t guessed yet, here is how I curated photoparalysis effect from three words.

Photography + Paralysis + Effect = photoparalysis effect.

And here is how I define it.

Photoparalysis effect is an urge to quit when you face adversity.

This urge usually behaves like a time bomb. As the time ticks, your patience grows thinner and thinner. During this phase, it’s manifesting as a feeling of vulnerability mixed with a dark void. Mostly, you feel too pitied, or too disconnected, or too tired. In fact, you can’t push yourself to do anything. Slowly in the form of procrastination, it drains your motivation, gobbles on your conscious, and eventually blows your visions into micro pieces.


Well, if you face it early enough, you can salvage your ship before it sinks.

Shall I take you on my journey of discovery and conquest?

It All Started As A Flicker of Optimism

To start with, I’ll take you all the way back in 2016.

Back in the days, I used to work as a graphic designer in a small local studio that specializes in photography, videography, and covering events.

The design job, however, wasn’t paying the bills. So, I often resulted in side hustles that left me drained and depressed.

One day an idea struck me.

What about trying photography?

After all, my work has been editing and retouching images.

Immediately, while the idea was still fresh, I shared it with my co-workers just to gather some insights.

Once I was sure it was a go-to, I shared it with my boss to see if I can land my first-time gig in photography. To my amusement, he hooked me to a wedding event in the next weekend.

Though I was going to cover the event as a second shooter, it was grand news I’ll never forget. It didn’t even matter my role. All I cared, was the opportunity. In fact, it sent me on an excitement spree because I didn’t wait to get home. So, I called my girlfriend, my close friends, and literally anyone who knew what I was doing back then. I wanted them to know I can do it. Of which, they were so positive in the affirmation.

False Confident: When Hope Starts Turning A Bummer

At first, I thought, because I have a solid background in photo editing especially compositing, if I combine the skills with all the experiments I did with my smartphone, I will make stunning photographs. Little did I know, what I knew was just a drop in the sea of photography.

Here is the full case.

On the wedding day as expected, I wore a professional’s mask. You would think I was a veteran like the rest. So, I sweated throughout the day. But all I can tell, there was this massive confusion with this new gadget – Nikon D5300. Because at some point in the day, I was just running up and down just pressing the shutter button. Nothing else mattered to me as far as I got a capture sound and a flashlight.

Eventually, in the evening, I was extremely exhausted. We all were. Satisfied with our job, we retired back in the office for a final recount of the events. When the time came to disband, I didn’t bother to carry my camera home at least for postmortem purposes. Why do it while Monday was Just a day off? In fact, on the following day, I celebrated my first milestone as a photographer.

When Photoparalysis Kicks-In And Devour On Your Confidence

On Monday morning, back in the office, hell broke loose. None of my shots made sense. Some were, underexposed. Some overexposed. Others too gloomy. Too boring. Absolutely nothing.

It was a total mess. All my hope vanished. I shuddered in terror.

However, all these time, my boss and the rest seemed relaxed (today I know why).

Two weeks later, I couldn’t take myself to the task. The terror still lingered in my system. I was too terrified for another action. Photoparalysis effect had kicked in. And it was happily feasting on my courage.

Clearing A Path To Jubilation: Squashing Photoparalysis Effect

After one month, I took a step to glue together every shuttered piece of the willpower left in me before it was too late. So, I swore. I cursed. To hell with photoparalysis effect. To hell with its horrors.

For the next six months, I devoted to devouring anything and everything it came my way. It didn’t matter if the resource only added a miniature of details. All I cared is that it added a point to my existing knowledge. So, I asked endless questions. I scoured photography blogs. I binge watched YouTube tutorials. I lived. I breathed. I dreamed photography till I became a sort-after photographer to deserve a gig as a primary shooter.

To date, I have done at least four events on my own, and I have shot a full wedding too.

In short, I am a living legend of overcoming the photoparalysis effect.

Bottom line?

You can do it too

Today you’ve learned my side of the story. I’ve even branded it just to remind myself I conquered a significant adversity in my life. But what really matters is whether my journey from tribulations to jubilations has sparked a burning desire to defeat your adversity. I hope you’ll boldly charge forward too.

However, if you’re still struggling, I want to challenge you.

Feel uncomfortable to live by this menace. Get tired of it. Sweat day and night till you find a formula to crush it.

I want you to look on the brighter side.

You can do it. You can overcome it. You can even build a robust business out of your frustration.

So, what’s your story? What did you conquer? What have you named it?

Let’s touch someone struggling. Let’s together vanquish our photoparalysis effects.

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