The 7 Most Profitable Agribusiness Ideas to Implement before 2018 

 July 27, 2016

By  BTK Staff

The agriculture sector employs over 80% of the Kenyan population. However, the majority of the workforce comprises the old generation, as most young people migrate to towns in search of white collar jobs. Lately, there has been a change of tact among the youths, most of whom have made a fortune from agribusiness. Here are the latest agribusiness opportunities that you can consider:

Rabbit Rearing

Rabbit farming, a profitable smart farming.
Rabbit farming, a profitable smart farming.

Rabbit farming is a profitable agribusiness venture that requires minimal investment in capital. The business can be carried out in subtle areas either in your backyard or unoccupied sheds. Rabbits feed on kitchen leftovers and grass that supplement commercial feeds. Rabbits are popular for their delicious meat and urine. Rabbit urine is used in the manufacture of fertilizers.

Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping, a profitable smart farming.
Bee Keeping, a profitable smart farming.

Bee-keeping is another profitable agribusiness venture that requires less labor and energy. However, you will need to conduct proper research to ensure this venture is successful. Bees are sensitive and need an area with adequate water and free from interference, either from human beings or animals.

Most farmers keep bees mainly for honey. Other bee products that are beneficial include bee venom, pollen, wax, royal jelly, and propolis. There is a ready market for bee products, locally and internationally. Packaging pure honey earns you more income than selling raw bee products. Most people prefer substituting sugar for honey due to its sweetness and health benefits.

Fish Farming

Fish Farming, a profitable smart farming.
Fish Farming, a profitable smart farming.

A vast number of farmers are turning to fish farming as a way of supplementing their food basket and earning extra income. Though fish farming is not as popular as beef and mutton, it is gaining popularity among households due to its nutritional value and other medical benefits. Doctors recommend people to consume more white meat (fish included) and less red meat.

Fish farming requires few resources. All you need is to get a space in your compound, construct a small water tank or buy a water tank and then buy fingerlings. You can choose from different fish breeds. Most fingerlings take four to six months to mature. Once they attain the right size and weight, you can sell them locally to your neighbours, kiosks, restaurants, etc.

Poultry farming

Poultry farming, a profitable smart farming.
Poultry farming, a profitable smart farming.

Poultry farming involves rearing birds for meat or eggs. The most common birds in Kenya are turkey, ducks, quails and chicken. Poultry farming does not require a lot of capital since you can start with as a little as Ksh. 3000 and still become profitable. You can start with day old chicks which cost between Ksh.70 to 100.

For chicken farming, you can choose between broilers and layers. Broilers are mainly kept for meat and have high maturity rates. You can purchase one-day-old chicks and sell them by week 6. However, the broilers require commercial feeds that have the right nutrients to fasten their growth rate. The layers are kept for eggs and meat as well, and they take longer to mature. They are a bit economical since you can substitute commercial feeds with food leftovers.

Mushroom farming

Mushroom dish from a mushroom farm, Profitable farming business
Mushroom farming, a profitable smart farming.

Mushroom farming is one of the untapped potentials in the Kenyan market, despite its high returns. There are different mushroom types, i.e. edible and non-edible. The variety grown is the edible one due to its nutritional value and health benefits. Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. In the United States, mushrooms are preferred over beef due to its health benefits.

To implement this agribusiness idea, you will need to have an ample and clean space, polythene bags, sawdust, mushroom seeds, urea, water, lime, mushroom shed and a refrigerator. The mushrooms take an average 21 days to mature and have the potential to earn you abnormal profits.

Dairy Farming

Daily farming, a profitable smart farming.
Daily farming, a profitable smart farming.

Dairy farming entails rearing cattle for milk and other dairy products. Dairy farming is labour intensive and requires a sizable space on your farm. If you are a new entrant, you will need or invest a lot of capital when buying a mature cow that is being milked. Alternatively, you can purchase a heifer and calf and then raise it for some time till maturity.

In dairy farming, you can make money by selling milk either to individuals, traders or milk processing plant. You can also opt for value addition and earn a higher income by selling yogurt, cheese, sour milk and butter. These milk by-products fetch a higher price than when sold as raw milk.

Tomato farming

Tomatoes farming, a profitable smart farming.
Tomatoes farming, a profitable smart farming.

Tomato farming is another profitable agribusiness venture. The supply of tomatoes does not satisfy its demand in Kenya. Most farmers grow tomatoes in greenhouses, while others grow them naturally where the weather allows. If you are planning to invest in business with less competition, then tomato farming tops the list.

Tomato farming does not require a vast small. You can establish a greenhouse in your backyard and make maximum use of it by growing tomatoes and other vegetables. If you find a reliable means of transport and market, expand your farm and rake in millions. Remember to sell them when fresh since they fetch a higher price.

BTK Staff

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