Want to Make Money Selling a Service? Here are Top 7 Services that you can Sell 

 October 4, 2016

By  BTK Staff

Did you know you can offer people a service and earn an income out of it? There are lots of services that entrepreneurs have started and built into successful businesses, some of which are listed in this article. The key to succeeding when offering a service is delivering the best and ensuring your clients are fully satisfied by your service. Service industry grows through referrals where your customers refer their friends to your business. Here are seven service businesses that you can start from scratch.

Write Business Plans for Start-Ups

Can you write well-articulated business plans for small and medium enterprises? Well, this service is in high demand as most employed, and unemployed people are turning to self-employment. Some of these people do not know how to write business plans, and your expertise in writing business plans will attract several clients. Have sample business plans that the customers can peruse through as you discuss what to include in their copy. Include market research, estimate capital breakdown and the financial statements.

Offer Cleaning Services

For this business, you can target retail clients or the residential clients. For retail clients, you must plan your working schedule well so that you do not disorganize your client’s work. Do the office cleaning during the evening or early in the morning. Banks and restaurants are in constant need of daily cleaning services and can be a source of superb clients if you do an excellent job. For residential clients, cleaning is done during the weekends, though a couple of the clients may also prefer weekdays.

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Become a Consultant

To become a consultant, you must be an expert in something or have professional experience in a certain field so that you can advise others. For example, you can work as a tax consultant if you have adequate experience handling taxation issues in your country, and you have the required training as a tax professional. Also, if you are an expert marketer, you can offer this service to others who are looking to work in that area or those who need advice related to marketing. There are lots of opportunities in the consultancy field. Find your expertise and build a name.

Events Planning

Events planning involves making advance plans regarding the location, accommodation, food, etc. on behalf of clients who may not have enough time to do that. The first thing that you should do is to visit all the locations for the potential events and learn what is available at each site as well as the amenities available. Maintain a database of all the sites visited, their holding capacities, distinctive features, equipment on site, etc. Anytime a client seeks your event planning service, know their preferences and number of attendees and quickly present them with a list of three locations that they may be interested in. To succeed in this business, make sure clients can view your services online either through social media or website.

Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, clients will expect you to teach them how to keep fit and avoid injury during exercises. Most people are looking for this service especially in the estates where people can come after work, during weekends or at any other time that fits their schedule. Having a website is a plus for a personal trainer since clients will get information on what to expect during the training lessons. You can advertise your services online, in restaurants and schools.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner needs to be updated with the latest wedding trends and offer advice to the bride and bridegroom on how to make their event remarkable. A good wedding planner should provide comprehensive services ranging from choosing the wedding gown, colors, and styles, picking a venue, wedding theme, etc. Visit several wedding shops and sample their products as well their customer services. Build a brand for yourself as the go-to person for all wedding planning.


Do you have top-notch photography skills and you are looking to make money selling your talent? Well, there is a lot of money to be earned in the photography field. The key to succeeding in photography is specializing in one or two areas. The most common area of specialization is the wedding photography. Other areas include photography of holiday events, birthday parties, etc.


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