Starting a Professional Cleaning Business in Kenya 

 August 12, 2016

By  BTK Staff

Many people, especially in urban areas, have tight work schedules that they hardly have time for tedious cleaning work and would rather outsource for cleaning services. The same applies to organizations whereby there is a shift to outsourcing professional cleaning services.
Therefore, why not take advantage of the current trends and start your professional cleaning company with as low as Ksh. 80,000. Come along let’s discuss what you need to take that business on the move.

Decide on your area of specialization

Professional cleaning services fall into two categories: residential and commercial cleaning. The latter is more lucrative than residential cleaning. However, if you can get lots of residential clients, it’s a viable cleaning service too.

For commercial cleaning, your clients would be offices, medical centres, learning centres, hotels among others. The service tasks would include washing floors, windows, doors, kitchen area, washrooms, office arrangements and emptying of trash cans. These services are offered either weekend, at night, or even twice a week depending on your arrangement with the client.

On the other hand, residential cleaning services involve general cleaning that is done normally once a week. Therefore, working towards a large client base would mean higher profits.

Equipment and Materials

Depending on your targeted clients and type of service, you will require various equipment and materials to succeed in the business. They include brooms, brushes, cleaning agents, spray bottles, mops, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, buckets, gloves, masks, and squeegees among others.

For a start, you can rent some of the equipment especially the expensive ones such as vacuum and carpet cleaners. Also, ensure that you purchase durable equipment and materials that will guarantee value for your money.

 Choosing a Location

The cleaning business is a flexible business meaning it can be home-based or run it at a commercial site. To reduce on starting costs, you can run the business right at your home. After that, once you have clients’ base is large enough, and the business is picking up well, you can consider setting up your commercial offices in the most suitable place.

 Licenses and Insurance

If you intend to run your business from a commercial office, you will need to acquire licenses and insurances. Nearly all clients would not risk outsourcing cleaning services who lack any insurance liability. Therefore, ensure you get one form a reliable insurance company. Also, business permits are a must have in running your business. The licenses can be acquired at the respective County Government offices. The license fee varies depending on the business location and also the county government itself. However, normally it ranges between Ksh. 5,000 to Ksh. 15,000 annually.

 Marketing your Cleaning Business

Marketing is imperative in any business. Getting customers might be a nightmare in cleaning business but with strategic marketing, you can easily get customers along. Spend part of your budgeted money on social media marketing through purchasing Facebook ads and Google ads and do a thorough marketing of services. Also, you can utilize the power of referrals through family and friends. Quality work will always retain customers, therefore focus on delivering unmatched cleaning services and acquire long-term clients.

 Pricing your Cleaning Services

The aim of starting any business is definitely to make profits. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure that you do not exaggerate your prices while looking for lots of profits. Several factors come into play when pricing your services. Market price, nature of work, type of service among others. It is significant also to charge a reasonable amount that will cover your expenses and pay your services.

Hiring Employees

Employees play a significant role in the success of your business. For a start, you might need two or three employees but as the business grows you will hire more employees. Ensure you hire qualified, honest hardworking, and customer friendly employees. Employee turnover is known to be high in cleaning industry, therefore ensure that you maintain your employees by offering them competitive salary packages and other benefits.

Finding Suitable Transport

Since most of the times, you will be required to travel to the client’s site to deliver services, a reliable transport means is very important. Nonetheless, when you starting your business, you can always hire a vehicle for such endeavors. However, once the business is firm, consider getting a suitable company vehicle based on your needs.

Final Word

Professional cleaning services is one of the growing viable businesses in the market. Minimal capital is required in starting it and the good news is that you can run the business at your home. However, hard work, gaining trust from customers and good reputation will keep the business on its toes.

BTK Staff

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