3 Tips To Build A Winning Team You Can Trust, Depend, & Respect 

 February 4, 2021

By  Mark Njoroge

Do you want to build a winning team that you can trust, depend, and respect for your business?

Just beat it.

Your darling rituals are way expensive for anyone.

Who will do them better than you?

Is it to manage your calendar or your shop display or pep talk your clients or get your dinner groceries in your adorable way?

It’s hard to find a perfect replacement.

Man, it’s hard - you think.

Sadly, Some Of These Chores Stink.

But still, you can't help feeling glued to them. You even entertain the thought they are your second nature - like you are on autopilot.

Sadly, the whole circus is limiting. It is mingy. It is derailing your success. Each day, week, month, sliding down the year, you will gain less.

Your life will be less happy. Less business. Less income.

It is a sure way to suffer entrepreneurship burnout or experience Photoparalysis, leaving your vision-muddy-drenched.

Meaning, you will pull all your relationships in the mad vortex. Your staff will find a reason to fire themselves. Your will deplete love and care to your spouse or kids or even both. You will have too much pressure, and it will hit your business hard like a tsunami.

In your personal space, you will feel overwhelmed. You will start to procrastinate and experience burnouts. Sooner than later, you will disintegrate out of exhaustion. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Does it?

Then, let’s work together towards fixing this menace and build a winning team you can trust, depend, and respect.

Shall we?

Here are 3 Solid Tips to Build A winning team You Can Trust, Depend, And Respect For Your Business

Tip #1: 

Start by Acknowledging You Are Just One of The Piece in The Game

Picture the Chase game.

It’s just a game of strategy. But on its board, there are different pieces. A Pawn. A Knight. A Rookie. A King. A Queen. A Bishop. Ooh… and a Castle, too.

What’s fascinates me about the chase game, all pieces have different shapes, moves, and purposes. But, together, they work in harmony - a mutual understanding - to win the game.

(Dive deep into chess as a business strategy, here)

That is to say...

“You cannot win the game on your own.”

~ Scooter Braun

Like director Braun’s strategy of building a stable family – a famous studio and a mighty music empire around colossal like Justin Bieber - you too ought to build a raving team around your small business. Not just a bunch of employees to rule and exercise your powers, but an indispensable family; your right-hand; your second opinion. A family you can depend on, trust, and vouch for your allegiance. 

In other words, you need a team.

If you are having difficulties to adopt this idea, I suggest you write boldly on a big manila paper in capital letters, FAMILY MATTERS. Then hung it somewhere you can see more often.

Make sure you can see it in the morning and right before bed. Or, you can simply tattoo it on your arm, just like Braun. But, don’t you dare forget family matters.

Bottom line?

  • To win, you start by admitting you need help. And a lot of it. Only then, you’ll use the superpowers of the pieces on your chase board.
  • To play chase, you must know how to use all the pieces on the board. Else, they will be just fascinating elements of their artist. In entrepreneurship too, the power lies in understanding that your staff are like these chase board pieces. In each, there is this superpower locked sleeping there. So, learn to treat them like family, and they will unleash their potential in your business.
  • In the chase board, a King is the most powerful and protected piece of the game. It also has more moves than the rest. A wise move with it may mean a checkmate - a win. In entrepreneurship, too, you are the most important piece of the game. Knowing how to serve will give you a winning edge. I like to think of it as servant leadership.
  • Lastly, a family is not the same as the staff. There is a special treatment that comes with the word family. A family looks at each other’s back. Staff, they work for you. For instance, in BiasharaTalk, I prefer to call you, family. This way, it is easier for me to treat you with compassion and love rather than as my freedom to my paycheck.

Therefore, when you accept help, it means you will receive fresh energy in your circle.

Tip #2: 

Swap Your Weaknesses With Fresh Energy

Nature is beautiful, especially when you are in Africa. There is so much you can learn from it, right?

Well, take for the case of Bald, a type of an eagle.

At the age of thirty, she must make some tough calls.

For instance,

Whether it is wise to keep her old heavy talon or risk its flight speed.

Or, whether its super-long-curvy-nails, beautiful for a manicure but useless to catch the meal, are worth to keep.

Similarly, is it worth keep a blunt beak or to painfully knock it on the rock until it cracks open for a juvenile, shaper, and superior?

Pause for a second.

Can you sympathize with this bird’s must-make decisions? Do you feel the eerie aura of hesitance whizzing in her mind?

Well, it’s indeed a mouthful of tension in the guts of the unfortunate eagle. But at this stage of life, it's either she dies only at thirty, or she leaves to a ripe age of eighty.

In entrepreneurship life too, we must make such overwhelming decisions. To either feel comfortable with our routines, our do-it-all and can’t-trust-no-one mentality, or look at those heavy-looking talons, curvy nails, and curvy beak and decide they must go no matter the pain.

So, no matter the cost or the pain, by letting go, you become energized. You will be able to build a thriving business. You will be able to get fresh energy and solidify your team.

Meaning, let's say you are struggling with something like graphics and design, don’t knock your head on the wall trying to learn it. Instead, learn the art of outsourcing.

In any case, get someone with extra energy, with more skills, and more productive. A better us, just in a different way.


“The only way to scale is to delegate and to empower others and to say, ‘You know what? They’re not going to do it exactly like me, but they’re going to do it exactly like them.”

~ Scooter Braun

Here is how to do it

Get down with a big sheet of paper. Write down every activity that supports your dream.

Once satisfied with the list, classify each activity into three major categories as follows.

  • Those you don't like doing.
  • Those you can't do.
  • Then, those you must never do.

After this sorting exercise, you'll be able to know which activities you can delegate to a team (a business team member) and which you can do all by yourself.

Tip #3: 

Then, Be Obsessed with Psychology Of Personality 

“I believe that the most powerful work we can do with ourselves is developing the strategies to uncover, redesign, and reinvent our belief system”

~ Chris Lee

So, to build a reliable business team, you MUST learn to reinvent yourself - to judge your character.

Even better, learn to unlock the powers hidden behind every stakeholder.

By doing so, you’ll transform weakness into a virtue. Mingy into munificent. Egoism into selflessness.

You will predict people’s behaviors, thoughts, and vulnerabilities. You will connect with every person at an emotional level and learn how to read their hidden cards.

In return, they will feel you care, love, and understand their wishes and troubles. Because you’ll be able to adapt and tune yourself into their unique personality.

By the end of the process, they will love you. You’ll command authority. And eventually, drive sales.

But first, you must master all the four compounds of the personality matrix (Listen about it here).

Here is Chris Lee’s Decoding of the personality matrix.

Supportive Personality

This personality is typical of people who are easy to connect on an emotional level. They are kind, selfless, and charismatic. They are great philanthropists, too. Go too fast on them, and it will look like you're exploiting them, for they are natural meek individuals.

Analyzing Personality

Personalities in this category are realists

They are careful, dutiful, and abide by the rules. 

The mere knowledge of facts impresses them as analyzing data is their strength. 

They are also timid, for they must judge, evaluate, and get guarantees.

Promoting personality

These personalities are idealists in nature. 

They are vibrant and brilliant brainstormers.

 They flow rivers of ideas. But these rivers can easily flood and often overwhelm them to the point of giving up. 

That’s why they don't easily keep their promises. Most of the time, you spot them by the way they talk.

Controlling personality

People with this character are dominant with overflowing energy and agility. You can't fault them. They believe their opinion is superior. Typically, they have a problem with delegation as they fear losing control. They are always all over everything. Calling them controlling freaks, isn’t an understatement. It’s a compliment of their character.

Therefore, learning to spot these personalities, and appealing to them timely, will make you a quoth-maven.


It's key to delegation.

Here is a practical example of how to analyze your staff personality matrix and use it to your advantage

  • Take all your staff and put them on this scale by writing down their names on a piece of paper.
  • Then, determine each’s character. Meaning, you will have to write down each person’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • After that, depending on where they fall, give them roles that suit them.

Using similar criteria, you can even fire anyone whom you think the character does not align with your business personality requirements.

But don’t abuse this tool superpower. It’s so powerful that it can also work against you.

However, as an entrepreneur, your satisfaction should be in building a winning business team you can trust, depend, and respect.

It’s Now Your Turn TO BUILD A winning TEAM

To build a winning team, it requires being critical with yourself. You acknowledge the fact you sincerely need help.

Then you face reality, solo-battles are for the perfectionists.

Instead, you slap your ego and relinquish your controls to someone else. You make it possible because you can admit to your face, they can do like you, just in their different ways and possibly way much better.

But even more helpful, you relinquish your responsibilities because you understand their personalities and potential.

You have also mastered your abilities. And learn to harness these superpowers to your will.

Because of this, you know how to be weak when strong. Strong when weak. Practical when idealistic. Idealist when practical. 

So, don't be insecure. Don't be mingy. Be fluid.

And build a winning team for your business.

Happy Biashara Talking ?.

Mark Njoroge

Meet Mark. He is one of the co-founders of Biasharatalk. He's on an adventure to make business ecosystem survivable because he believes the world is ruthless for another choppy startup. That's why he has sworn to make your business life painless, fun, and hopeful. Join him at Biasharatalk as he passionately chats about latest proven business strategies.

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