A cosmetic Business image.

Starting a Cosmetics Business in Kenya.

Starting a cosmetics business is quite easy since there are no special licenses required apart from the country business permits. Also, cosmetics business is one of the businesses that you can start with little capital and grow rapidly within a short duration.

Mitumba business,

Starting a Mitumba Business in Kenya.

Mitumba business is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya and also requires minimal investment in capital. With only Ksh.2000, you can kick start this business. Good thing is, you can be a mobile seller if you don’t have adequate capital to open a shop.

Car wash business image, Biashara Talk.

Starting Budget for a Car Wash Business in Kenya

Are you planning to venture into car wash business? Car wash business is one of the most fun and profitable business that you can start with very little capital. Unlike other businesses, car wash business does not require a lot of investments when starting up. Good thing is, you can integrate other side businesses to earn you extra income.

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